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Phone: (315)382-3785
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Training & Started Dogs
Feel free to call me anytime, I love talking dogs and training!!
We are always learning!!
We are not professional trainers or breeders - Its not our job - its our passion
We have been involved with sporting dog breeds for over 35 years. We trained beagles for hunting and AKC Field Trials until 3 children took over our priorities. As they grew up and moved on we gravitated towards retrievers for their temperament and intelligence.
I have been an avid hunter for most of my life and a past Master Hunting Safety Instructor (Bow & Gun) for over 30 years.
We breed and train our labs to be good family members and your best friend in the duck blind.
We strive to be good trainers and responsible breeders so our labs we produce are healthy, enjoy what they are doing and do it well!
Whether itís on the sofa or in the swamp we breed and train our labs for temperament and hunting drive. We enjoy them as a family member and if in the swamp to be a great hunting companion and retriever.
Bridgeport NY